Why TheFineBros are losing subscribers

Author: Jjagaimo | Last Updated: 2/7 4:41 EST

For a while now, thefinebros and Fine Brothers Entertainment have been under fire for a few things. If you haven't heard about this or still support them, here is what is happening, and why you shouldn't.

First, TheFineBros tried to trademark the word "React" in the context of videos and film. Trademarks are not the same as copyrights. Trademarks:

On the other hand, copyright:

If I write a book, that book is protected by copyright. Someone is not allowed to copy and publish that book without my permission. This is the same for software, film, and other forms of media.

Trademarks are much more powerful than copyrights: they allow you to protect against confusingly similarly named works, from people directly using the name of your work, and you can sue people for doing so.

But that's not all. They trademarked various other things that were unrelated to their channel, such as "DO THEY KNOW IT?, KIDS VS. FOOD, LYRIC BREAKDOWN, PEOPLE V. TECHNOLOGY, and TRY NOT TO SMILE OR LAUGH." These are things that have been done before, and videos with titles containing these already exist.

Second, TheFineBros launched React World recently (which was quickly cancelled). React World was a program to license react videos, using their "Format". They put copyright claims on numerous videos for supposedly copying their format, without licensing with them.

A format like theirs is not something that can be covered by copyright due to how generic it is: show a video and ask questions. You can't copyright interviews.

Copyrights will cover the video and the audio. It is 'fixed' and tangible enough to be covered. Their format cannot be covered, because it is more of an idea. DMCA does not allow for take downs for trademarks either.

Furthermore, "React" is not a strong trademark, in that it is not immediately indicative of what company created the video; lots of companies or individuals make reaction videos. Apple computers would be an example of a strong trademark, because it is obvious Apple made the computer.

React World, although the logical next step for their company, was a poorly planned scam. They would have taken 20% of ALL ad revenue, across the entire channel, regardless of if one of a hundred, or all of the videos were "React" videos, and also some money from sponsorships. If you left React World, TheFineBros would continue to collect that money from videos you made while under them.

TheFineBros had little to offer, but a lot to take away.

Thirdly, many copyright claims were doled out during this period by Fullscreen, the parent company of Fine Brothers Entertainment. These channels were given little to no representation, and faced many problems:

Some of these strikes were on channels that had videos unrelated to their own, and the strikes were not taken off for some until they threatened legal action. It is likely that there are some channels that still have illegitimate strikes on them.

Fourth, TheFineBros were very, very insincere. They want you to believe that we simply misunderstood their intentions; we did not. They have done it before, they did it now, and they will do it again.

Have none of you seen him rolling his eyes at us for "misunderstanding" what they were trying to do? They claimed in their apology letter that the copyright strikes were Automatic. They were not. When a video is taken down or monetized by them for copyright, it will tell the uploader why and how it was taken down. In the case of these videos, they were manually watched and flagged by people at fullscreen or thefinebros, and taken down or monetized.

They tried shifting the blame to You-Tube, which is partially at fault for allowing such abuse of the copyright system, in order to make themselves look like the victim.